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Forensic Accounting Services for your structured financials

As per the Global Fraud and Identity Report, 33% of businesses got more fraud losses in the current year as compared to the previous year. Thankfully, there are forensic accountants who use their auditing and investigative skills to find what are the reasons for suspicious financial activity. Businesses can use this information as evidence to recover their losses.

Our forensic accounting team are the experts who deliver professional, comprehensive, reasonable, and logical advice in a timely manner. It involves the cases of fraud or financial manipulation that need to be carefully examined and analyzed. We perform timely and detailed research of financial information.

We, a top Forensic accounting firm, have years of experience in submitting authentic evidence to the court and settlement proceedings. We are skilled in negotiating a settlement process and investigating the financial affairs of the parties to establish facts. Whether it is family law such as matrimonial breakdown or divorce or acquisition of economic loss, we can help you fulfill your objective. You can get a quick resolution in the cases of litigation, insurance claims, insolvency, embezzlement, skimming, etc., by seeking our forensic accounting services.

After resorting to a clear and independent approach, we deliver concise and conclusive reports, backed by expert testimonials. We believe in a solutions-based approach while understanding financial and accounting issues.

Our Forensic accountant Perth provides expert evidence at the eventual trial using their investigative skills, accounting, and auditing proficiency. The disputes may fall into various categories such as quantifying losses, economic damages, breach of contract, company acquisitions disagreement, breaches of warranties, professional negligence claims, property valuations for divorce, criminal frauds, confiscation, money laundering, and more.

Services offered by our Forensic Accountants

We offer a range of forensic accounting and auditing services. Our comprehensive services can be categorized in the following subheads:

1. Forensic Accounting Family Law

Family law accounts assist when fraud occurs within families and relationships. If the spouse is hiding money or using marriage to steal funds, then a family law accountant can help the people save losses. Though these crimes happen on a smaller scale compared to the larger corporations, family and marital disputes are not too uncommon that result in substantial damage. You might also need a specialist in business valuation in divorce cases.

2. Insurance Investigations

Our expert team of forensic accountants assess the cases of false insurance claims too. We provide insurance litigation in the streams of interruption claims, staging home fire, liability claims, fraud investigations, and more. We provide varied services in the area of insurance litigation. We work for the insurance providers, the insured, plaintiff’s, and the defendants. To know more, search for “forensic accountant near me”

3. Corporate Fraud Investigations

Though it is difficult to detect and investigate fraud, we still promise our clients to identify the cases of creating false documents, creating non-existent employees, misappropriating cash and income, misuse of corporate funds, false accounting practices, and more. We know how to find the offenders and take stringent action against them.

4. Business Valuations

Our business valuations are easy to understand and comprehend. Our team of experts have rich courtroom experience and are adept at preparing hundreds of business valuation reports. We provide almost all types of business valuations. We are proficient in verifying the financial data and determining the value of a business based on Asset, Income, and Market

Meet the professional financial forensics experts

Our forensic accounting and auditing services can help you resolve your issues. We have a skilled team of forensic auditors who deeply study the matter and help the clients solve their long pending disputes. We remain transparent unlike other forensic accounting companies in our dealings and provide an expert and fair opinion.

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