Price Schedule
Palladium Financial Group - Price Schedule (inclusive of GST)
  • Individual Tax Return - General condition : Once you make a booking with us , we would send you an information sheet to be filled by you and send to us. Normal time to complete a tax return should take about 30 minutues. If we need to sort out your receipts or make calculations , there will be additional fees based on an hourly rate of $55, unless the item is specified in this fee schedule. Phone calls or quick-emails will not charged extra.
    From $148
  • With complex, extensive or high-value deductions; special professionals; individual tax returns that by their nature require additional time and expertise.
    From $55 to $220
  • Income from Trusts and Portfolios where a tax summary has not been provided or where a reconcilliation is required.
    From $44
  • Personal Services Income - for a typical contractor with a primary source of income, who records their own income and expenses in a compliant cash journal or transaction listing.
    From $99
  • Sole Trader, not registered for GST Business Schedules – doesn’t include bookkeeping or accounts re-preparation.
    From $196
  • Sole Trader, registered for GST with self prepared Business Activity Statements.
    From $328
  • Annual GST Return.
    From $220
  • Foreign Income Schedules and tax-residency issues.
    From $77
  • Rental Property - with accompanying agent statement . Fees can be shared between owners, e.g. one property with two owners.
    $142 per property
  • Rental Property - with detailed schedules, privately rented or holiday homes, new investments. Fees can be shared between owners e.g. one property with two owners.
    $220 per property
  • Capital Gains for Shares - fees depend on complexity and volume. 
    From $55
  • Capital Gains for Property - with original costs, in an asset register, provided by you.
    From $182
  • Preparation of Tax Agent Certified Asset Register of your original records.
    From $330
  • Amended Tax Return - a minimum fee applies, however total fees can be time based.
    From $128
  • Client Update (CU) Form - if not required to lodge a tax return, includes provision of advice.
    $55 to $165
  • Discounts for couples, multiple overdue tax returns.
    10% Off
  • Full time sudents under 21.
  • Partnership - Tax return only (additional charges will apply for compilation and preparation of accounts).
  • Company - Tax return and preparation of financial statements (employees upto 3).
  • Trust - Tax return and preparation of financial statements.
  • Crypto Investments (basic) - Income Tax Return Crypto investments (basic)
Business Services
Establish Private Company (Pty Ltd)

Includes ASIC disbursements, a consultation and ATO registrations. Or for establishing a Trust (trading, family trust) with standard trust deed.

Business Activity Statements (BAS)

The fees vary for all types of activity statements depending on the size and scale of your business and the accounts preparation required.

Start from $128

Preparing and lodging ABN and GST related registration forms, ASIC forms

Onsite Business Services Manager

Provides oversight to your bookkeeper or can assist you with record keeping at your office. Review budgeting, receivables, purchases of equipment, supplier arrangements, business plans and other strategic considerations.

$110 per hour
Retainer Price
Business Basic Compliance Plan
$278 Per Month
  • Unlimited emails and phone calls
  • Book-keeping set up and phone guidance
  • Monthly review of accounts
  • Tax return for the business
  • Tax returns for two individuals
  • Quarterly BAS statements
Business Basic Compliance Plan
$798 Per Month
  • Unlimited emails and phone calls
  • Book-keeping set up and phone guidance
  • Monthly review of accounts
  • Tax return for the business
  • Tax return for four individuals
  • Quarterly/Monthly BAS statements
  • Monthly review of accounts and budgets
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Tax return for the business
  • Tax returns for four individuals
  • ASIC secretarial help and annual filing
  • Monthly Business Review Meeting
  • Annual STP report
  • We can provide other monthly reporting and compliance services based on the business requirements.
  • Retainer price can be discussed on your requirements and agreement can be signed.
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