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Lodge Late Tax Return With Minimum Penalty

Filing a late tax return can pose unprecedented problems if not done strategically. Palladium Financial Group can provide the most feasible services in this regard. Our team of experienced professionals can help you to lodge a late tax return with complete peace of mind.

We possess extensive knowledge and experience in lodging any possible former tax returns for you. You can lodge a late tax return with us even if it is from 30 years ago. Our objective is to discover the optimal refund against each of your lodgements.

Hassle-free Late Tax Return Lodgement

If you wish to file a late company tax return, professional assistance would be necessary and we will ensure zero troubles for you. This is all because of the in-depth understanding which our professionals possess in the field of late tax return lodgement. Our specialists leave no stone unturned when providing services to our clients.

That’s how we ensure the best outcomes concerning your late tax return lodgement. So, when it comes to filing tax return late, always feel free to contact us. Every time a client approaches us we ensure the most productive late tax-return lodgement for them.

What Are The Penalties For Late Tax Return?

Sometimes, the ATO incurs a ‘failure to lodge penalty on time’ on potential applicants, when they fail to submit penalties for late tax returns on time. The late tax return penalty is measured at the rate of one penalty unit every 28 days or for a part of it. This ensures that the document is overdue maximum till five penalty units. The following two penalties apply if you’re filing taxes late in Perth.

  • A penalty of $210 applies every 28 days
  • Alternatively, a part of the penalty will also be incurred by eligible applicants

This allows the returns to remain outstanding till a sum of max $1,050

A look at the potential circumstances

The ATO will incur a late tax return lodgement penalty only if the following circumstances apply to you:

  • If you have failed to adhere to the request of lodging a late tax return
  • Your lodgement records are absolutely dire
  • You’re incurred by multiple overdue tax returns

Our professionals utilize the most strategic techniques while applying for a penalty remission on your behalf. This lets you attain a quick and hassle-free absolution from your late tax return penalty. So, make sure you contact us on time to clear all your overdue tax returns successfully.

We Can Take Care Of Filing Overdue Tax Return For You

When filing overdue tax returns, our tax specialists can provide you with acute services. Our unique late tax return solutions include the following:

  • Error-free multiple-year lodgements: Lodging multiple late tax returns alone is a task of finding a needle in a haystack. Palladium Financial Group is ready to serve you in this matter with its team of savvy specialists. They’ll assist you in lodging your late tax returns either on Etax or MyTax whichever is applicable. 
  • Data-based lodgement: Clearing your potential tax debts only becomes possible when you’re updated with the right pieces of information. We usually assist our clients to lodge their overdue tax returns strategically by gleaning valuable data from the ATO. These include information related to your potential dividend income, employer payment summaries and bank interest income etc.
  • Zero-cost tax return lodgement: We can even help you lodge late tax return at nearly no cost. We will simply provide you with an informative quote so that you can prepare your late tax return by yourself successfully.

Reasons To Choose Palladium Financial Group For Late Tax Return Filing

Our clientele is expanding cumulatively with time pertaining to their late tax return filing and subsequent execution. Some compelling reasons behind that are outlined below.

  • Experience: Our specialists have extensive experience in the field of late tax return lodgement.
  • Hassle-free Lodgement: We will help you file late tax return devoid of any hassle.   
  • Efficiency: Our professionals lodge late tax returns for our clients efficiently and with absolute confidence. 

Get in touch with the Palladium Financial Group to lodge your late tax returns in the best possible way.

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