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Self Managed Super Fund Loan

A self-managed super fund loan can be a prospective strategy to spend the days of your life peacefully. You can either invest this money to buy a residential or commercial property as part of your investment strategy. This property will be in the trust in relation to your SMSF. Once your loan is repaid you will get entitled to your purchased property. However, you would need smsf loan experts assistance to plan the entire thing in a systematic way. At Palladium Financial Group, we help you transform your SMSF loan into the most profit-making investment plan.

Property Structured SMSF Loans

If you have a small SMSF or want to create one, then opt for structured SMSF property loan options. You can use this amount furthermore to purchase a real-estate property to accelerate your capital growth and its subsequent return. These loans are interchangeably known as limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs). SMSF lending is a constrained recourse loan limited to your security-property.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Getting an self managed super fund loan has to be done strategically. How much you can borrow depends on the type of property you’re purchasing. If you are purchasing a residential property, then, you can obtain 80% from your SMSF account. On the other end, if you’re purchasing a commercial property, then, you can procure 70% from your SMSF account. No mortgage insurance as well as minimal additional assets will be required while you’re acquiring the loan.

SMSF Lending Rules

A typical SMSF home loan operates on the following set of rules:

  • Long terms for 30 years: Long term SMSF loans stay valid as long as 30 years. 
  • Existing or New Fund: Under this lending rule, you can procure your loan either from your new or existing SMSF fund. 
  • Commercial until 70%: This lending rule lets you take loans to buy commercial properties up to 70% comprising your SMSF. 
  • Residential till 80%: Loans for purchasing commercial properties up to 80% comprising your SMSF are available. 
  • Zero Credit Scoring: It is another rule where you can obtain your SMSF loan without any credit scoring applicable

You are free to refinance your acquired loan alternatively as well.

Speak To Our SMSF Loan Experts For Comprehensive Assistance

So, do you wish to turn your SMSF loan into a gainful investment strategy? Then, feel free to talk to one of our SMSF loan experts Perth and your specialist will guide you accordingly. After evaluating your eligibility, your hired SMSF accountant will suggest you the most compatible loan options.

Professionals at Palladium Financial Group are savvy in coordinating the rest of the procedure on your behalf successfully. They ascertain that you are able to procure your self managed super fund loan in compliance with the pertinent rules and stringencies.

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