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For any individual and business, lodging a tax return as per the laws of the regulatory board is essential. Failing to manage taxes appropriately is one factor behind failing in business in Australia as they are complicated to comprehend. To overcome the issues, we lodge tax returns for our clients through appropriate strategies to claim tax concessions and save their hard-earned money. Our experienced tax return consultant will make sure that your tax return filing is accurate and exactly as per the guidelines by the ATO, as they are familiar with the code of professional conduct. We go one step ahead to help our clients by providing personal advice to lodge tax return Perth to individuals and business houses to minimising the risk of ATO.

Penalties When You Fail to Lodge Tax Returns on Time

The penalty is imposed when one fails to lodge a tax return in Australia as per the specified time frame. The ATO  department will warn you by writing or through a phone call for your ITR Perth lodgement. Lastly, they will issue a notice stating the penalty amount and due date. Income tax return filing as per the regulations decided by ATO not only saves you from the hefty penalties but ensures a clean financial track record.

Penalty Amount

For a small entity, FTL penalty is calculated at one penalty unit for each 28-day period from the time the filing is unpaid, with up to a penalty of five units.

For a medium entity which has a turnover of $1 million–$20 million, the penalty is twice over. Large entities whose assessable income exceeds $20 million have to pay five times over.

Our Tax Return Services Perth

We offer a range of tax return services, which provides all solutions regarding taxation in one place to our customers. You get complete assistance from our tax return agent to take the stress out of your head and maximise your tax refunds. By our sheer focus on your accounts, you can make advancements in your business and your individual operations through our practical approach in tax return preparation.

How Palladium Financial Group Deliver Best Assistance For Tax Returns

We, Palladium Financial Group, have a team of tax return experts to serve clients through our sheer accuracy. We will help our customers with tax return assistance to save their hard-earned dollars in the long run. Our registered tax return preparers will coordinate with all the noted personnel of the organisation to form strategies and plans of action to produce business expansion plans. We will also assist you to organise systematic financial data of your business to lead you towards progression.

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