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SMSF Estate Planning

Our future is decided by the actions we take. In this regard, strategic SMSF estate planning can play a significant role in ensuring a safe and secure future for you. Devise a plan not only based on the present but based on the future as well.

We at Palladium Financial Group will formulate a plan both for you and your beneficiaries alike. Our specialists have the acumen and knowledge to evaluate the money comprising your SMSF as well as superannuation account. Subsequently, they will provide you with the best superannuation estate planning solutions in Perth, so that none of your beneficiaries is deprived.

Wills and SMSF

Make sure you don’t mistakenly get a legally binding document made which includes both your Wills and SMSF together. It will create unprecedented confusions amongst your beneficiaries in your absence.

The situation can be as worse as one of your beneficiaries deprives the others of their portions. Another crucial reason is that a will and SMSF operate according to two individual sets of laws.

So, their allocation amongst the beneficiaries should be done in line with their relevant legal protocol. Include the right terms in your SMSF to ensure its benefits’ equal allocation amongst your beneficiaries.

Binding Death Benefit Nomination SMSF

The SMSF binding death nomination provides no confidentiality to its respective beneficiaries about the allocation of their benefits. The benefits must be paid according to the stringent nomination stated to avoid any kind of discrepancy. It doesn’t need to be reconfirmed or renewed every three years as well. It’s also known as ‘’non-lapsing binding nominations.

Non-binding Death Benefit Nomination

A non-binding death benefit nomination SMSF Perth on the other end specifies the member’s trustee and preferred beneficiaries. The subsequent allocation of the benefits is also stated there but the ultimate decision must be made by the trustee. Besides, a non-binding death benefit nomination has to be reconfirmed and renewed every three years in a proper manner.

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There are many complexities which surround the field of SMSF estate planning. Trust our ingenious team and make the most prospective superannuation estate planning for your beneficiaries. Please provide your pertinent details and we will be happy to assist you. Specialists at Palladium Financial Group take the most crucial factors into consideration before commencing with your superannuation estate planning.

Followed by this our professionals will devise a plan which best suits your requirements. We have a team of qualified SMSF specialists who are competent at providing the most compatible solutions. Give us a call today!

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