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What is Financial Due Diligence?

If you are considering purchasing a business and wondering whether the decision is right or not, then our financial due diligence services will help you determine whether it is a profitable decision or not. Since investing in a business involves a significant amount of money, you must check whether the business you are going to buy is valuable or not.

Due diligence is conducted when the buyer reviews and authenticates the information of the business, before entering into the purchase contract. In this process, the buyers can deeply examine and investigate the business’ records and physical assets.

Due diligence can help in many ways. One of the best-known benefits is uncovering whether a specific entity is not owned by the seller or the same cannot be transferred to another buyer. This process also investigates whether the business can make a profit, evaluates the status of the business equipment and important assets, competes for business, etc.

After seeking our due diligence accounting services Perth, you can be sure and confident that it will help lower the risk and minimize the chances of failure.

Importance of due diligence checklist for buying a business

Though some business managers undertake the due diligence work by themselves, it is worth considering a professional and expert opinion to support you in assessing the potential financial, commercial, and legal risks with the new business purchase. Even when you are planning to buy a small business you should follow the due diligence checklist for small businesses.

We help you in:

  • assessing the business’ latest records
  • providing expert advice on the business suitability
  • acquainting you with risks and liabilities.
  • making you aware of financial, compliance, operational, legal, regulatory, and other related aspects of the business

Our financial diligence includes:

  • Evaluating a list of business records like financial statements, sales reports, equipment hire contracts, etc.
  • Submitting a list of questions about the provided information, also called ‘RFI’ or request for information.
  • The seller submits responses.
  • Due diligence report is prepared
  • The results of diligence are shared between the parties
  • Decide on business purchase

Here is the due diligence checklist for selling or buying a business:

1. Company information

This one includes the things like:

  • Date of business formation and capital
  • Sales status
  • Entity details
  • Stock
  • Intellectual assets

2. Financial statements:

  • Balance sheet
  • Past performance
  • Profit and Loss statements
  • Tax returns
  • Bank Statements
  • Bank loan
  • Letters of credit
  • Cash deposits and payment records

3. Legal

  • Corporate information about the seller
  • Asset ownership
  • Contracts and leases
  • Compliance with laws and regulations

4. People in the Company:

  • Board of director’s information
  • Number of customers
  • Number of employees
  • Privacy details

5. Operational data:

  • Production details
  • Vendor information
  • Machinery information
  • Utilities, etc.

6. Others:

  • Property Documents
  • Business licenses and agreements
  • Settled, pending, and potential litigation
  • Risk management

Handover your due diligence process to the experts

If you also want to invest thoughtfully in a business to ensure high profitability, then enter the agreement only after getting the due diligence checklist from us. Our financial due diligence process is conducted by industry experts who can mitigate the risk and take your business to new heights. Get in touch with us now and know the accounting for due diligence costs.

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