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How To Improve Financial Management For Your Business

As a business owner, you will undoubtedly want to see your company survive for a long time and grow substantially, right? Then, you must focus on well-planned financial management, which will involve proper planning, systematic organizing, robust control and careful monitoring of your financial resources to achieve your business goals. Suppose you have a good and effective financial management system. In that case, you can also effectively use all your resources, satisfy stakeholders’ commitments, prepare your business for the long-term stability of your business finances and get an extra advantage in competition. 

You can get the necessary help from financial planners Perth in this regard. Here we discuss some helpful tips for better financial management that you can consider implementing.

Have a clear and transparent business plan

We had already mentioned proper planning. The clearer and more transparent your business plan will be, the more you will understand where you stand and how much you can progress in the upcoming years. In the plan, you should include how will you make finances and carry out all the activities. In addition, you should also mention what kind of money you will require and from where you will get it.

Track your financial position

Regular tracking of the progress of business is necessary. Please do this monitoring daily. The information you should keep track of includes bank account balance, number of sales your business is creating, and stock levels. Your business must have set targets, too. Under cash flow management, you must review your business position in terms of the set targets on a per-month basis.

Ensure that your customers are paying you within the scheduled time

One of the major problems a business faces and can lead to severe issues are late payments by customers. To avoid it, you must make all the credit terms and conditions pretty evident and clear from the very beginning. You should also issue clear and accurate invoices so that customers do not face any confusion. You can use a computerized credit management system to keep track of the accounts used by your customers.

Have a clear idea about day-to-day costs

Even if your business is a highly profitable one, you may face challenges if you find insufficient cash that cannot cover the everyday costs like rents and wages. You should be well aware of the least amount your business will need to survive. And simultaneously, you should check that you are not going below that amount.

Keep your accounting records updated

We had already mentioned late customer payments as one of the significant problems that can lead to great business losses. And here we discuss how you can face loss in case of late payment by a customer. If you do not regularly update your business accounts, you may miss including that payment that had been made lately, and this incident can lead to considerable loss. So, we recommend using an efficient record-keeping system to keep track of all the costs, creditors and debts. The system will also help you in applying for additional funding, accountancy costs and saving time.

Pay tax before deadlines

Be it a tax or any other official work, you should always keep in mind the deadline. If you fail to pay the tax or file for a tax return on or before the due date, you will have to pay huge fines and incur high interests. As you can understand, these are all unnecessary costs, and you can avoid them simply by following some basic steps. You should have advanced planning. If you keep all the records with maximum accuracy, you can save both business time and money. It will also ensure that you have to pay only the tax you owe. So, you must satisfy all the legal obligations.

Be more systematic and have controls

Are you operating your business with high efficiency? Then, you can save more energy and money by incorporating some changes in the behaviour and utilizing all the existing tools more systematically. It is the best possible way to reduce expenses. Existing equipment in a general office will include heating, air conditioning, lighting and other office equipment. 

Control stock

If you can have robust control over your stock, then you can have the right amount of stock at the right time. It will ensure that your capital will not get tied up unexpectedly. To keep track of stock levels, you should make your systems get placed in the right spots. Having such a stronghold will enable you to free up cash and have the appropriate amount of stock, both at the same time.

Receive the proper funding

Choosing the correct type of finance is another crucial factor for your business. You should know that for each kind of finance, you have to satisfy different types of requirements. If you have a small business, you may have to rely on business overdrafts and private or personal funding like others. Well, it doesn’t mean that these two are the best funding options. You have to check more on this.

Handle arising problems

While running your business, you have to keep in mind that there will be financial problems, but as an owner, it will be your responsibility to tackle them, not to run away from them. Handling problems all alone is indeed stressful. But, you do need to worry about that very much because you will always get help from someone. An experienced small business tax accountant may be very much helpful in this regard. You should seek help before the situation goes much out of control. Well, you may follow some initial procedure to reduce the effect, like handling priority debts at the beginning and then assessing to improve the cash flow management.


There are two types of business finances. One is debt funding, where your business structure has to make a repayment with added interest. Another is equity funding, where you do not need to make repayment but may have to leave a seat to your financers. For more information and queries, you can get some additional tips on financial management from experts at Palladium.  


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